Syllabus of Semester II - Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) of University of Mumbai

2.1 Foundations of Human Skill-II

Understanding self and others through Johari window, self-discovery through self-administering assessment tools in the areas of abilities, aptitudes, perceptions and interests, understanding others through scientific assessment tools and observation methods, understanding group behavior through observation methods, concept of group climate, developing appropriate leadership style, teamwork in work group, motivation, concept of organization, organization structure, organization climate, handling conflicts in organizations.

2.2 Industrial Law

Factory act, payment of wages act, payment of bonus act, payment of gratuity act, minimum wages act, maternity benefit act, provident fund act, trade union act, employees state insurance act.

2.3 Computer applications in business

Use of business related software, use of fax, e-mail, internet, CD-ROM's, computer aided advertisements, graphics, any one current programming language.

2.4 Business Environment

Social, political, ecological issues, technology and regulatory environment, business ethics, social responsibility, industrial units, joint ventures, multinationals and transnationals, restructuring, turnaround, closure, economic trends.

2.5 Managerial Economics-I

Introduction, demand (concept, elasticity, demand forecasting), production, cost analysis, supply (concept, elasticity), price determination, revenue analysis, break-even analysis, profit, objectives of the firm, market structures (perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly), price discrimination, pricing policies, capital budgeting.

2.6 Production Management

Production function, production cycle, types of production, planning for production, product and process designs, plant location, production planning and control, scheduling, maintenance management.

2.7 Environment Management

Environment (concept, interactions, ecosystem, ecological balance), human interference with the environment, impact of man and technology on the environment, concept of environment management, examples of environment management in various areas.