Syllabus of Semester III - Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) of University of Mumbai

3.1 Management Accounting

Nature of management accounting, functions of a management accountant, different types of costing, break even analysis, types of budget, budgetary control, flexible budgeting, capital budgeting.

3.2 Managerial Economics-II

National economics, balance of payment analysis, policy environment, globalization, case studies on government policies and business environment.

3.3 Marketing Management

Concept of marketing management, sales vs. marketing, relevance of marketing to Indian companies, marketing mix, marketing structure, market opportunity analysis, marketing research and information system, consumer behavior, marketing segmentation, targeting and posting, designing products, brands, packaging and services, new product development and P.L.C. distributions, pricing, promotion, social responsibility and marketing ethics.

3.4 Material Management

Material management concepts, centralization and decentralization, stores management, layout, storage methods, stock verification, codifications and standardization, selective central supplier, purchase management, choices, purchase policies, make or buy decision, vendor developments, inventory management, lead time, E.O.Q. analysis, computer application.

3.5 Effective Communication-II

Case studies and practical based on Effective communication-I.

3.6 Principles of Management-II

Case studies and practical based on Principles of management-I